Lawman Supply Company

Trust in our expertise. Rely on our responsiveness.

Key Product Lines


Versatile and customizable firearms from Daniel Defense.


Ammunition from leading manufacturers such as Federal Premium, Blazer, and Speer.


Less Than Lethal munitions, training rounds, and protective gear.

About us

Since 1984, Lawmen Supply Company of New Jersey has been a premier provider of superior American-made ammunition, firearms, and tactical gear to law enforcement agencies. Our long-standing reputation for excellence and reliability has earned us partnerships with numerous state and local agencies in the tri-state area and further afield.

Embracing a new era of leadership in 2021, we are dedicated to expanding our offerings with a diverse range of cutting-edge products tailored to the dynamic demands of law enforcement. We are equally focused on refining our customer service, ensuring each Lawmen encounter is marked by bespoke service, seasoned guidance, and swift support.

Our mission extends beyond upholding the company’s revered legacy; we strive to build meaningful connections, aiming to facilitate comprehensive strategic planning for both current and future operational needs. Our commitment is underscored by a significant investment in a robust ammunition inventory, housed in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the addition of a veteran firearms specialist to our team, enhancing our capacity to serve those who protect and serve.